Pro/Carbine F.A.Q.
Pro/Carbine FAQ
Justin "Zorko" Grill
And re-modified by
Eric, first out

The Pro/Carbine is a dependable paintball gun. It has reliable solid performance that will make any weekend warrior more than happy. The Pro/Carbine is also rugged enough to be a great rental gun, in fact it's generally considered to be the best field rental gun. And its got enough add-ons to turn it into a tournament paintball gun (regardless what auto-whatever owners have to say.)

Name: Pro/Carbine
Length: 32" with standard barrel
Weight: 4lbs
Type: Open-bolt blowback semi-automatic
Warranty: 1 year from date bought
External Construction:
-Durable plastic grip
-Light weight anodized aluminum receiver 
-Hardened steel trigger
-Plastic-foregrip and elbow

Tippmann Pneumatics inc.
Tippmann is an excellent company who puts the player first. They make good performing guns at a reasonable price, and make those guns very reliable. If a problem should arise (very doubtful) Tippmann will conveniently fix and return it to you in no time. All those attributes earned Tippmann Manufacture of the Year for 1997.

Good points of a Pro/Carbine
Good out of the box 
Excellent accuracy and range with an aftermarket barrel
Good gas efficiency (700-900 shots out of a 12 oz. tank, varies much with atmospheric conditions)
Well balanced with a 12 oz. or 20 oz.
Great cold weather gun (shoots fine with liquid CO2, in fact it can run off a siphon tank)
LOW ball breakage
Light Weight

Not so good points of a Pro/Carbine
*Relatively loud (ported barrel fixes that problem)
*Trigger is tight(can be easily fixed with a lighter spring)
*Stock barrel lacks accuracy
*Long gun (not necessarily a bad point for players who prefer rifle like guns)
*Elbow teeth cut a hole in the hopper(recommend taking it out and use a shim if the hopper clamp doesn't tighten)
*Breaks a lot of tank O-rings(unless tank is removed properly)
*Doesn't have excellent rate of fire out of the box (can be improved)

How to fix the not so good points

*See the section named "Modifications"

Aftermarket Goodies
A couple of years ago when the Pro/Carbine first came out, it had very little upgrades. How times have changed. Now the Pro/Carbine
is one of the top customizable guns you can buy. As you read on, you will see what I mean.  These are the friends who help you even the score with tricked out Automags and Autocockers. This is what I know, feel free to give me any other products I left out.

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