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Hello and welcome to the Pro/Carbine Owner's Group!   This is the first webpage (to my knowledge) dedicated to the Pro/Carbine semi-automatic paintball marker.  The Pro/Carbine, manufactured by Tippmann, is a very well-designed and customizable marker.  This webpage was not created by Tippmann, it was created by your average Pro/Carbine user.   
Have fun - and play safe!
Welcome to the Pro/Carbine Owner's Group - one of the few sites dedicated to the Pro/Carbine semi-automatic paintball marker!
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Updated: 1/17/2013
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Latest News
1/17/13: Life has gotten very busy the past few years.  When I found the time most work has been on M98 E-bolt builds.  Photos of these coming. 
7/5/10: I have completed a small run of vertical adapters and will be putting them on the "For Sale" page soon. 
6/28/09: It's been a while since updating.  Obviously, there is no more forum.  It was very slow anyway.  Perhaps another will be linked to in the future.
8/20/07: I am now offering delrin replacement bolts.